Most Common German Verbs (Top 100)

In this topic, you will be learning the names of the (top 100) most common German verbs.

Most Common German Verbs

You can listen to their pronunciation through the buttons.

seinto be
habento have
werdento become
könnencan, to be able to
müssenmust, to have to
sagento say
machento do, to make
gebento give
kommento come
sollenshould, ought to
wollento want
gehento go
wissento know
sehento see
lassento let, allow, have done
stehento stand
findento find
bleibento stay, to remain
liegento lie, be lying
heißento be called
denkento think
nehmento take
tunto do
dürfenmay, to be allowed
glaubento believe
haltento stop, to hold
nennento name
mögento like
zeigento show
führento lead
sprechento speak
bringento bring, to take
lebento live
fahrento drive, ride, go
meinento think, have an opinion
fragento ask
kennento know
geltento be valid
stellento place, to set
spielento play
arbeitento work
brauchento need
folgento follow
lernento learn
bestehento exist, to insist
verstehento understand
setzento set, to put, to place
bekommento get, to receive
beginnento begin
erzählento narrate, to tell
Most Common German Verbs
versuchento try, to attempt
schreibento write
laufento run
erklärento explain
entsprechento correspond
sitzento sit
ziehento pul, to move
scheinento shine, to seem, to appear
fallento fall
gehörento belong
entstehento originate, develop
erhaltento receive
treffento meet
suchento search, to look for
legento lay, to put
vor·stellento introduce, to imagine
handelnto deal, to trade
errreichento achieve, to reach
tragento carry, to wear
schaffento manage, to create
lesento read
verlierento lose
dar·stellento depict
erkennento recognize, to admit
entwickelnto develop
redento talk
aus·sehento appear, to look
erscheinento appear
bildento form, to educate
an·fangento begin
erwatento expect
wohnento live
betreffento affect, to concern
wartento wait
vergehento elapse, to decay
helfento help
gewinnento win
schließento close
fühlento feel
bietento offer
interessierento interest
erinnernto remember
ergebento result in
an·bietento offer
studierento study
verbindento connect, to link
an·sehento look at, to watch
fehlento be absent, to lack
bedeutento mean
vergleichento compare
Most Common German Verbs

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