List of Country Names in German (with Audio)

If you’re learning German, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the names of countries in German. In this lesson, we have compiled a list of countries to help you in your language-learning journey. Knowing these country names in German will be beneficial whether you’re travelling, having conversations about different nations, or simply expanding your German vocabulary. You can also listen to the pronunciations of the words by clicking the pronunciation buttons.

European Countries in German

Germany Deutschland
Austria Γ–sterreich
Switzerland Schweiz
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Luxembourg Luxemburg
Belgium Belgien
France Frankreich
Netherlands Niederlande
Denmark DΓ€nemark
Poland Polen
Czech Republic Tschechien
Italy Italien
Spain Spanien
Portugal Portugal
United Kingdom Vereinigtes KΓΆnigreich
England England
Scotland Schottland
Wales Wales
Northern Ireland Nordirland
Ireland Irland
Norway Norwegen
Sweden Schweden
Finland Finnland
Greece Griechenland
Slovakia Slowakei
Hungary Ungarn
Slovenia Slowenien
Croatia Kroatien
Serbia Serbien
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnien und Herzegowina
Montenegro Montenegro
Albania Albanien
Macedonia Mazedonien
Bulgaria Bulgarien
Romania RumΓ€nien
Moldova Moldawien
Ukraine Ukraine
Russia Russland
Estonia Estland
Latvia Lettland
Lithuania Litauen
Belarus Weißrussland
Iceland Island
Andorra Andorra
Malta Malta
Monaco Monaco
Vatican City Vatikanstadt
San Marino San Marino
List of Country Names in German

American Countries in German

Anguilla  Anguilla 
Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda
Argentina Argentinien
Aruba Aruba
Bahamas Bahamas
Barbados Barbados
Belize Belize
Bolivia Bolivien
Brazil Brasilien
Canada Kanada
Chile Chile
Colombia Kolumbien
Costa Rica Costa Rica
Cuba  Kuba
Curaçao Curaçao
Dominica Dominica
Dominican Republic Dominikanische Republik
Ecuador Ecuador
El Salvador El Salvador
Falkland Islands Falklandinseln
French Guiana FranzΓΆsisch-Guyana
Greenland GrΓΆnland
Grenada Grenada
Guadeloupe Guadeloupe
Guatemala Guatemala
Guyana Guayana
Haiti Haiti
Honduras Honduras
Jamaica Jamaika
Martinique Martinique
Mexico Mexiko
Nicaragua Nicaragua
Panama Panama
Paraguay Paraguay
Peru Peru
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Suriname Suriname
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
United States Vereinigte Staaten
Uruguay Uruguay
Venezuela Venezuela
List of Country Names in German

Asian Countries in German

Afghanistan Afghanistan
Armenia Armenien
Azerbaijan Aserbaidschan
Bahrain Bahrain
Bangladesh Bangladesch
Bhutan Bhutan
Brunei Brunei
Myanmar Myanmar
Cambodia Kambodscha
India Indien
Indonesia Indonesien
Iran Iran
Iraq Irak
Israel Israel
Japan  Japan
Jordan Jordanien
Kazakhstan Kasachstan
North Korea Nordkorea
South Korea SΓΌdkorea
Kuwait Kuwait
Kyrgyzstan Kirgisistan
Laos Laos
Lebanon Libanon
Malaysia Malaysia
Maldives Malediven
Mongolia Mongolei
Nepal Nepal
Oman Oman
Pakistan Pakistan
Philippines Philippinen
Qatar Katar
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabien
Singapore Singapur
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Syria Syrien
Taiwan Taiwan
Tajikistan Tadschikistan
Thailand Thailand
Timor-Leste Osttimor
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan
United Arab Emirates Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
Uzbekistan Usbekistan
Vietnam Vietnam
Yemen Jemen
List of Country Names in German

African Countries in German

Algeria Algerien
Angola Angola
Benin Benin
Botswana Botswana
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso
Burundi Burundi
Cameroon Kamerun
Central African Republic  Zentralafrikanische Republik
Chad Tschad
Comoros Komoren
Democratic Republic of the Congo Demokratische Republik Kongo
Republic of the Congo Republik Kongo
Cote d’Ivoire ElfenbeinkΓΌste
Djibouti Dschibuti
Egypt Γ„gypten
Equatorial Guinea Γ„quatorialguinea
Eritrea Eritrea
Ethiopia Γ„thiopien
Gabon Gabun
Gambia Gambia
Ghana Ghana
Guinea Guinea
Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau
Kenya Kenia
Lesotho Lesotho
Liberia Liberia
Libya Libyen
Madagascar Madagaskar
Malawi Malawi
Mali Mali
Mauritania Mauretanien
Mauritius Mauritius
Marocco Marokko
Mozambique Mosambik
Namibia Namibia
Niger Niger
Nigeria Nigeria
Rwanda Ruanda
Senegal Senegal
Seychelles Seychellen
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Somalia Somalia
South Africa SΓΌdafrika
Sudan Sudan
Swaziland Swasiland
Tanzania Tansania
Togo Togo
Tunisia Tunesien
Uganda Uganda
Zambia Sambia
Zimbabwe Simbabwe
List of Country Names in German

Oceania Countries in German

Australia Australien
Papua New Guinea Papua-Neuguinea
New Zealand Neuseeland
Fiji Fidschi
Solomon Islands Solomonen
Vanuatu Vanuatu
New Caledonia Neukaledonien
Polynesia Polynesien
Samoa Samoa
Guam Guam
Kiribati Kiribati
Tonga Tonga
Marshall Islands Marshallinseln
Samoa Samoa
Mariana Islands Marianen
Palau Palau
Cook Islands Cookinseln
Wallis and Futuna Wallis and Futuna
Tuvalu Tuvalu
Nauru Nauru
Norfolk Island Norfolkinsel
Niue Niue
Tokelau Tokelau
Pitcairn Islands Pitcairninseln
List of Country Names in German


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