German Irregular Verbs List (Top 100)

In this lesson, you will be learning the German irregular verbs and their pronunciation.

There are many irregular verbs in German that can be hard for English speakers to learn, especially those who are trying to speak fluently. Learning about these 100 most common verbs and their meanings will help you better understand German and its culture.

Learning the German irregular verbs can be a tough task, even for native speakers. Thatโ€™s why we have compiled this list of the 100 most frequent irregular verbs in German to make it a little easier for you.

German Irregular Verbs List

seinto be
habento have
werdento become, get
kรถnnento be able to, can
mรผssento have, must
kommento come
sollenschould, ought to
wollento want
gehento go
wissento know
sehento see
lassento let, allow
stehento stand
findento find
bleibento stay, remain
liegento lie
heiรŸento be called
denkento think
nehmento take
tunto do
dรผrfento be allowed, may
haltento stop, hold
nennento name, call
mรถgento like
sprechento speak
bringento bring, take
fahrento drive, ride, go
geltento be valid
bestehento exist, insist
verstehento understand
setzento set, place, put
bekommento get, receive
beginnento begin
schreibento wirte
laufento run
entsprechento correspond
sitzento sit
ziehento pull, move
scheinento shine, seem, appear
fallento fall
entstehento originate, develop
erhaltento receive
treffento meet
tragento carry, wear
schaffento manage, create
lesento read
verlierento lose
erkennento recognize, admit
aussehento appear, look
erscheinento appear
anfangento begin
betreffento affect, concern
vergehento pass (time)
helfento help
gewinnento win, gain
schlieรŸento close
bietento offer
ergebento result in
anbietento offer
verbindento connect, link
ansehento look at, watch
vergleichento compare
steigento climb, increase
verlassento leave
wachsento grow
ausgehento go out, assume
geschehento happen, occur
beschreibento describe
annehmento accept, assume
befinden sichto be
aufnehmento record, include
zunehmento increase
gefallento please
schlagento hit, beat
tretento step
รผbernehmento take over
verwendento use
enthaltento contain
entscheidento decide
gelingento succeed
erfahrento experience
verschwindento diseppear
trinkento drink
auftretento appear, occur
verhalten (sich)to behave, react
essento eat
sterbento die
unterscheidento distinguish
werfento throw
hรคngento hang
bittento request
ankommento arrive
beziehento refer, put, get
vorkommento happen, seem
besitzento own, have
schlafento sleep
eingehento deal with, give attention
German Irregular Verbs List

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