Top 50 Verbs in German (for beginners)

In this lesson, you will be learning the top 50 verbs in German.

Top 50 Verbs in German

In the following chart, you will find a list of the 50 most common German verbs, with English translations:

arbeitento work, labor; function      
bekommento get, receive, obtain      
bleibento remain, stay; keep      
brauchento need, require       
bringento bring; take; yield; present; put    
denkento think, conceive; believe; bear in mind   
essento eat, take a meal     
fahrento drive, go, travel, ride; move hurriedly; convey, carry 
findento find, discover, come across; think, consider   
fragento ask, inquire, question      
gebento give, confer; grant; emit; yield; provide   
gehento go, walk, move; go away, leave; work, function 
gehörento belong, be owned; pertain     
glaubento believe, think, imagine; trust     
habento have, possess, bear      
heißento be called/named; command, order; mean, signify   
helfento help, assist; support; remedy     
hörento hear, listen; attend      
kaufento buy, purchase       
kennento know, be familiar with, be acquainted with  
kommento come; go; get; happen     
könnencan, to be able to, know (how to); be allowed to
lassento let, allow, permit; leave; stop, put aside; relinquish, let go
laufento run, walk; work, function; extend    
legento lay, put, place      
liegento lie, be lying, rest; be located/situated   
machento make, do; construct; cause; constitute; come to  
mögento like (to)       
müssenmust, to have to, be obliged to   
nehmento take        
sagento say, mean, tell      
schlafento sleep, be asleep      
schlagento hit, beat, strike, punch, slap    
sehento see, look; watch      
seinto be, exist       
setzento set, place, put; sit (someone) (down); plant; wager; compose
sitzento be sitting/seated, be situated; be in session  
spielento play, act, perform      
sprechento speak, talk; recite; pronounce     
stehento stand, be situated; be     
stellento put, place; stand; set     
sterbento die, perish       
tragento carry, hold; wear; bear, endure    
treffento hit, strike; hurt, affect; meet    
tunto do; work, perform      
werdento become, get, turn, grow; come into existence  
wissento know        
wohnento live, stay, dwell      
wollento want (to); intend to     
ziehento draw, pull; extract; attract     
Top 50 Verbs in German

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