Accusative Verbs in German (Verben mit Akkusativ)

In this lesson, you will learn the accusative verbs in German (Verben mit Akkusativ).

Accusative Verbs in German

First, take a quick look at the roles of the cases in German shown in Table 1.1:

subjecttakes action
direct objectreceives action
indirect objectto/for whom action is taken
possessiveindicates the owner of someone or sometihng
Table 1.1

❗ There are just two cases in English: the subject (nominative) and the object (accusative & dative combined into “the objective case”).

❗ You can find the direct object in English by finding the verb and asking, “what or whom?”.

Subject + verb + direct object (Accusative)
Step 1. Find the verb
Step 2. Ask, “what or whom?”

A direct object is a person or thing that receives the verb’s action.
Harry mows the grass.
Jane water the flowers.
I fed the cat.

❗ You can find the direct object in German by finding the verb and asking, “wen or was?”.

wen (whom)was (what)
Table 1.2

Step 1. Find the verb
Step 2. Ask, “was or wen?”

Harry mäht das Gras.
Jane gießt die Blumen.
Ich habe den Hund gefüttert.

Some verbs in German only take the accusative case form of the noun. Accusative verbs that are commonly used in German are shown in Table 1.3:

abschließento close
anhaltento stop
anrufento call
anschauento look at
aufmachento open
backento bake
bekommento receive
beratento advise
besuchento visit
bezahlento pay
brauchento need
einladento invite
erfindento invent
essento eat
findento find
fragento ask
habento have
heiratento marry
holento fetch
hörento hear
kennento know
kaufento buy
legento lay
lernento learn
lesento read
machento make
mögento like
nehmento take
sehento see
sprechento speak
suchento look for
trinkento drink
öffnento open
verstehento understand
wählento choose
Table 1.3 – Accusative Verbs in German


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